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Corinne or Italy
Free Kindle Books / May 16, 2016

  CORINNE; OR, ITALY. —”Udrallo il bel paese, Ch’ Apennin parte, e ‘l mar circonda e l’Alpe.” PETRARCA. BY MADAME DE STAËL TRANSLATED BY ISABEL HILL; WITH METRICAL VERSIONS OF THE ODES BY L. E. LANDON LONDON: RICHARD BENTLEY, NEW BURLINGTON STREET, (SUCCESSOR TO HENRY COLBURN). 1833 Contents Translator’s Preface. Whatever defects may exist in my attempt at rendering “Corinne” into English, be it remembered, that we have many words for one meaning—in French there are several significations for the same word. Repetition, an elegance in French, is a barbarism in English. Thus I had to contend with a tautology almost unmanageable, and even a reiteration of the same sentiments. Sentences, harmonious in French, lost all agreeable cadence, until entirely reconstructed. Madame de Staël’s diffuse manner obliged me also to transpose pretty freely. I found, in so doing, many self-contradictions, some of which I could not efface. Her boldness of condensation, too, and love of vague, mysterious sublimity, often left me in doubt as to what might be hidden beneath the dazzling veil of her eloquence. It may appear profanation to have altered a syllable; but, having been accustomed to consult the taste of my own country, I could not outrage it…

Free Kindle Books / May 16, 2016

THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD AUTHOR OF “THE ROMANCE OF WAR,” “HARRY OGILVIE,” “OLIVER ELLIS,” ETC. ETC. LONDON: ROUTLEDGE, WARNE, & ROUTLEDGE, FARRINGDON STREET, NEW YORK: 56, WALKER STREET. 1862. PREFACE. Many of the scenes and episodes which are delineated in the following story are taken from the annals of Scotland. Those which belong to romance I leave the reader to discover. My wish has been to portray the state of the nation and its people during the reign of the second James, without afflicting the reader by obsolete words and obscure dialects, which few now care about, and still fewer would comprehend, but following history as closely as the network of my own narrative would permit. In some of the proceedings of the Douglas family, and minor details, it has suited my purpose to adhere to other sources of information, rather than the “Peerage,” or the folio of Master David Hume, of Godscroft, the quaint old historian of the House of Douglas. March, 1862. CHAPTER I. THE FOUR COFFINS. God save the king, and bless the land In plenty, joy, and peace; And grant henceforth that foul debate ‘Twixt noblemen may cease.—Chevy Chase. On the evening of the 22nd…