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Killer Kidnapper: Michael Sams
Crime , Horror , Thriller & Mystery / August 23, 2016

Killer Kidnapper: Michael Sams The first kidnap had failed, with the savage murder of his victim. But far from being discouraged, Michael Sams tried again. This time he became the first British kidnapper ever to get away with the ransom. Unfortunately for him, the police were on his trail. Click for more info

Shiver: A Vampire Adventure With Romance and Suspense
Horror / May 19, 2016

The first installment of Night Roamers (Blur) is FREE with over 265 5-star ratings on Amazon!! Shiver… While Nikki tries to adjust to a new life in Shore Lake and forget about the horrors of last summer, she battles with her own inner demons still craving Ethan’s dark embrace. Meanwhile, Duncan disappears in the middle of the night after being stalked by shadows, Nathan’s spending more and more time in the company of the sexy vampire, Celeste, and there’s a hot new club in town where the after-parties… are to die for! This book contains some adult themes and sexual situations. It is intended for ages seventeen and older.