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Foreign and Domestic: A Get Jack Reacher Novel

May 1, 2016

Foreign and Domestic: A Get Jack Reacher Novel


“I am the only Reacher–as far as I know.” – JACK REACHER, KILLING FLOOR.

Inspired from #1 International Bestseller, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, an ex-army cop-turned-drifter.  In The Affair, Jack Reacher was sent into a small town to solve a crime. As usual, he snuffed out the bad guys and said goodbye to a beautiful woman. 
But this time, he left something behind–a son.  
From #1 Amazon Bestseller, Scott Blade.

Jack Cameron walks the highways of America. Alone. An orphaned son turned transient. Searching for a mysterious drifter–his father. Some guy named Reacher.

Like his father, Cameron faces a lot of bad luck and trouble–big trouble.

The sins of the father are often transferred to the son. This is a lesson that Cameron will have to learn the hard way.

Rainy Seattle weather forces Cameron indoors, where out of boredom he checks his old email account. Turns out that a Secret Service Agent named Sean Cord, an old friend of Joe, has been looking for Cameron. The agent makes it sound urgent.

Cameron flies to DC and meets a young agent-in-training with a particular chip on her shoulder named Kelly Li.

Cameron expected that he’d reunite with an old family friend at a new location with a good cup of coffee. What should’ve been a simple meeting turns into an international conspiracy when it is revealed to Cameron that they’ve got little time to save a kidnapped girl from an old enemy.

Cameron and Li face off against a deadly enemy from Jack Reacher’s past. An enemy with a score to settle.

What this enemy didn’t expect was that he messed with the wrong Reacher.

With a Special Preview of Nothing Left: Book 4 in the JACK CAMERON Series.



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