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Gone Forever: A Get Jack Reacher Novel

May 1, 2016

Gone Forever: A Get Jack Reacher Novel

“I am the only Reacher–as far as I know.” – JACK REACHER.

Inspired from #1 International Bestseller, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, an ex-army cop-turned-drifter.  In The Affair, Jack Reacher was sent into a small town to solve a crime. As usual, he snuffed out the bad guys and said goodbye to a beautiful woman. 
But this time, he left something behind–a son.  
From #1 Amazon Bestseller, Scott Blade.
JACK CAMERON learns at his mother’s deathbed that his father is some drifter named Jack Reacher.

Armed with Reacher genes and his sheriff mother’s relentless upbringing, Cameron sets out into the world to Get Jack Reacher.

In order to know his father; Cameron follows in his footsteps–literally. With one thumb out, he hits the road to track down the father that doesn’t know he exists, but what he gets instead is a small town with a deadly secret and a distraught husband fighting to find his missing wife.

When Cameron meets Chris Matlind, the one thing that Matlind wants is to find his wife and get the hell out of the lakeside town. Maltind’s new bride, Faye, went missing in the town only eight days earlier. But the people that live there are less than friendly and they deny ever even seeing her.

The town of Black Rock has more to it than just being a lakeside community.

Cameron is on a mission.

The need for justice drives him.

Like father, like son.
BONUS: A preview of Winter Territory: Book #2 in the JACK CAMERON series.



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