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The Start-Up Guide: How to start a successful small business
Business & Finance / May 16, 2016

he Start-Up Guide is THE indispensable book for anyone looking to set up their own small business. It’s a process everyone has dreamed of, but it can often be shrouded in the mist of spreadsheets and red tape (not to mention Dragon smoke). The real process is simple and fun – in fact it can be the most exciting thing you’ll ever do – if you know how. And with the digital world at your fingertips, it’s never been quicker – nor has growth and global reach ever been more possible. Emma Jones has founded several successful small businesses, and in The Start-Up Guide takes you through every step of getting your own enterprise going with a bang. Find out: – How to come up with and refine your ideas for a small business – What the existing market and competitors mean for your enterprise – How to put together a solid business plan and get your company officially set up – The best methods for generating sales and effective publicity – How to make sure you grow your small business for the long term This book is full of the best possible advice: insights and ideas that work, including case studies from…