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Killer Kidnapper: Michael Sams
Crime , Horror , Thriller & Mystery / August 23, 2016

Killer Kidnapper: Michael Sams The first kidnap had failed, with the savage murder of his victim. But far from being discouraged, Michael Sams tried again. This time he became the first British kidnapper ever to get away with the ransom. Unfortunately for him, the police were on his trail. Click for more info

Serial Killer: The Railway Murderer
Crime , Thriller & Mystery / July 31, 2016

On the surface, he didn’t look much of a threat. Small, ginger-haired, and pockmarked, John Duffy was the kind of man you might pass in the street. Until, that is, you saw the eyes. The eyes of the rapist. The eyes of a killer. murderer, story of a murderer, perfume of a murderer, the black dahlia murderer, bart the murderer, the murderer live, ray lewis murderer, natalee holloway murderer, christopher columbus murderer, buffalo bill murderer, steven grant murderer, song about murderer, robinson serial murderer kansas, richard spikno murderer, richard spicno murderer, murderer lyrics, murderer levy, murderer darren samuel, mlk murderer, mass murderer, craig wall murderer latest info, craig wall murderer, chambers murderer, carley murderer, billy cook murderer, barrington murderer, barrington levy murderer, amanda knox murderer, woman serial murderer in florida, west virginia murderer hanged, tranvestite murderer in galvaston, tim scoggins murderer, susan smith murderer, stuart heaton murderer, staten island murderer, shirley stuart murderer, peru murderer, ohio murderer brad gill, murderer scott burnside,the railway murderer