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The Vanishing Civil Servant
Kindle Authors / April 25, 2016

When distinguished civil servant Dr David Hamilton suddenly vanished from his job and his London home, friends and relatives were both worried and mystified. But they were shocked when they learned the reason for his disappearance. Dr Hamilton, his friends, were told, was suffering from AIDS. He had left the country within days of hearing the terrible news from his doctor. Now he was in Europe in the last ditch attempt to get treatment. The news about David Hamilton’s plight was broken to callers at his elegant Edwardian home in Brixton by his friends Kingsley Rotardier. Now he explained that he was looking after the flat while Dr Hamilton was away fighting for his life. In fact, Dr Hamilton had already lost his life, and it had nothing to do with AIDS. In later 1985 he had been murdered by his gay lover Rotardier and his body skilfully disposed of. But it was to be months before Dr Hamilton’s friend became suspicious, and nearly a year before police launched a murder investigation. Press for more info